Electric suction pumps – EASY HOME

The portable electric suction pump EASY Home can be used for both hospital and homecare applications to remove secretions and fluids from the respiratory tract and infectious substances from wounds.

  • Specifications
  • Available versions

Enhanced mobility for the user

  • Portable and lightweight (2.4 kg and 2.6 kg only depending on the model).
  • Battery power supply (EASY Home 2).
  • Easy-to-carry thanks to its handle and carrying bag.


  • Maintenance free piston pump.
  • Durable compressor.

Wide scope of applications

  • Oral and pharyngeal suction.
  • Wound infection suction.

High-performance and smooth operation

  • Maximum vacuum: 0.7 bar (530 mmHg).
  • High flow capacity > 20 l/min.
  • Low noise level: 55 dB +/– 5% from 1 m distance.
  • Use with battery during around 50 minutes at maximum suction level.

Perfect hygiene

  • Suction jar with overflow protection
  • 1 L capacity.
  • Visibility of the filling level (graduation each 100 ml).
  • Lockable opening in lid for quick emptying or sample taking.
  • Easy-to-clean.
  • Single patient (multiple use for a same patient).

Suction filter

Protection against potential contamination.

Two models are available:

  • EASY Home 1 to be used on AC/DC power only.
  • EASY Home 2 equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery.

Available with European or BS electrical oulets.

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