Oxygen-therapy accessories


The humidifier is used to humidify the Oxygen or the medical AIR delivered to the patient through the respiratory tract. Screwed to the outlet of a flowmeter (either with floating ball or pre-calibrated), it should be filled in with sterile water only.

TM Flow -Switch & Switch

The Switch and the Flow-Switch can be screwed at the outlet of every flowmeters. They enable you to direct the gas flow either towards an outlet tubing nipple or a humidifier. The user can choose the requested position without removing the nipple or the humidifier.

Hosepipes for medical fluids

The hosepipes are used as extensions and enable to supply devices with medical gases from standardized outlets. The probes are permanently crimped onto the hose.

TM Blowing unit

The blowing unit is used to dry surgical instruments after their cleaning and disinfecting processes. They should be connected to a medical AIR or a compressed AIR standardized outlet.

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