Vacuum regulators – RVTM3

The vacuum regulator is used to measure and adjust the vacuum level within the context of medical suction. It enables to drain substances out of the patient’s body during surgical procedures. The vacuum regulator should be connected to a vacuum source on the wall either using a direct probe or a rail mounting system. It […]

VENTURI TM2 ejectors

The VENTURI TM2 ejector is used to create, to adjust and to measure a suction from a source of pressured gas on the wall or from a cylinder (oxygen or medical air). It enables to suck in liquids or mucus in the absence of vacuum pipeline network. The VENTURI TM2 ejector should be connected either […]

Water manometers – JTM

The water manometer is used to measure and to adjust a low vacuum level (situated between the atmospheric pressure and 90 mbar). It is mainly used in the context of thoracic or tracheal suction but also in neonatalogy. The water manometer should be connected to a vacuum source on the wall either using a direct […]

Collection jars & suction liners TM

The collection jars and suction liners are used to collect liquids or mucus resulting from medical suction. They can be used in conjunction with any suction device.

Suction kits & Trolleys

The suction kits and trolleys enable to group on a mobile holder (either to carry or to push) the various products making up a suction set (suction devices, collection jars, catheter holder …)

Safety jars

The safety jar enables to protect both medical device and vacuum pipeline network against occasional liquids’ overflow. It is equipped with an antibacterial filter and a mechanical anti-overflow system. Used with its filter up-front as recommended by the manufacturer, it enables to fight against the spreading of nosocomial infections.

Hosepipes for medical fluids

The hosepipes are used as extensions and enable to supply suction devices from standardized vacuum outlets. The probes are permanently crimped onto the hose.

Other Suction accessories

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