VENTURI TM2 ejectors

The VENTURI TM2 ejector is used to create, to adjust and to measure a suction from a source of pressured gas on the wall or from a cylinder (oxygen or medical air). It enables to suck in liquids or mucus in the absence of vacuum pipeline network. The VENTURI TM2 ejector should be connected either to a source of pressured gas on the wall, using a direct probe or a rail mounting system, or a cylinder through a pressure regulator fitted with a quick-release connector. The VENTURI TM2 ejector should be associated with a collection jar and a suction hose.

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Suction flowrate : 40 l/min at 800 mbar

Maximum vacuum: 800 mbar ± 50 mbar

Limited gas consumption : 60 l/min at 800 mbar

Vacuum gauge protected by a plastic housing. Easy cleaning.

Anodized aluminium body ensuring a great robustness.

Silencer: high performance.

Supplied in standard with a 100 ml safety jar with plastic front filter to protect the device against any liquids’ overflow.

3 in 1 system (patented). Device with a metal outlet tubing nipple integrated in the body of the VENTURI TM2: for a better safety, emergency suctions can even be processed if running out of stock of filters or safety jars.

A unit serial number is engraved on the body of each device ensuring its identification and traceability. 8 digits number indicating the manufacturing year and month as well as the unit serial number of the device.

Gases: O2, medical Air.

Model with safety jar (100 ml with plastic front filter, 150 ml or 500 ml with paper filter in the cover) or with outlet tubing nipple (tubing nipple integrated or outlet tubing nipple threads).

Standards: AFNOR (French standard), BS (British standard), DIN (German standard), US OHMEDA (American standard), UNI (Italian standard), NORDIC (Scandinavian standard), CARBUROS METALICOS (Spanish standard), DISS (American standard), Czech standard and Korean/Japanese standard. Contact us for other standard.

  • Tube of 10 single-use antibacterial plastic filters: Ref. 11813
  • Box of 100 single-use antibacterial paper filters: Ref. 11818

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