Hosepipes for medical fluids

The hosepipes are used as extensions and enable to supply devices with medical gases from standardized outlets. The probes are permanently crimped onto the hose.

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Antistatic PVC hose, composed of 4 extra-flexible coats, with reinforcement and high-resistance polyester fiber.

  • Odour free.
  • Shiny and smooth aspect for an easy cleaning.
  • High resistance against bursting and crushing.

Patented AFNOR remote probes hosepipes

Device life span: 10 years.

Expiration date symbolized by a pictogram on the angled remote probe.

Gases: O2, medical AIR, N2O

Standards: AFNOR (French standard), BS (British standard), DIN (German standard), UNI (Italian standard), NORDIC (Scandinavian standard), NIST (European standard). Contact us for other standard.

Available on demand with 2 crimped AFNOR angled remote probes or 2 crimped AFNOR straight remote probes.

Length: from 1 to 7 meters, customized lengths to fit your needs.

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