TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE has been developing a wide range of medical devices for oxygen therapy, suction, and medical rails and accessories for almost 40 years.
Because we design and manufacture our medical devices in-house, we can tweak the technology, ergonomics and aesthetics of our products on an ongoing basis, to ensure they are reliable, easy to use and easy to maintain as possible, all while meeting healthcare industry standards and requirements.
Our medical devices are made in France, so we have total control over the quality of our products. This is a strategic choice which enables us to adapt and respond to our customers’ needs quickly.
TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE’s products are highly reputed in France and in more than 100 countries around the world. We work with a large network of independent distributors, and more than 60% of our turnover comes from exports.

Our product ranges are centred on 3 types of devices:

Oxygen therapy
a line which has grown due to the success of our range of flowmeters with pre-adjusted flow rates and built-in regulator.
with vacuum regulators and analogue or digital multidirectional Venturi vacuum gauges.
Medical rails and rail accessories
that not only look good but also make our medical devices easier to use.

Our industry is constantly evolving. Here at TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE, we understand that our customers need us to keep up, which is why we are constantly improving our products and growing our product offering.


Main figures

< 7

millions euros of annual turnover

60 %

of sales abroad



< 100




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