French manufacturer of medical devices

30 years of know-how in the Oxygen-therapy and Suction fields.


Devices used to adjust and measure the flow of a gas that is to be delivered to patients through the respiratory tract: flowmeters, pressure regulators, blender, humidifiers …


Devices used to measure and adjust the vacuum level within the context of medical suction: vacuum regulators, Venturi ejector, water manometer, collection jars …


Device used to hang medical devices or furniture: storage baskets, catheter baskets, shelves, drawer units …

100% made in France.
Recognized reliability and quality.


  • Certificate of Registration ISO 14001 : 2015 - As a part of its commitment to manage the impact of its business on the environment, TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE has been awarded ISO 14001 : 2015 Certification for the design, manufacture, distribution of pressure regulators, medical rails, oxygen therapy and suction devices.
  • ARAB HEALTH 2021 - TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE welcomes you on its stand at the ARAB HEALTH show in Dubai from June 21 to 24, 2021 and on the ARAB HEALTH website from May 23 to July 22.   TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE, French Pavillion, Zabeel Hall!


  • Documentation - Find all the TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE’s catalogues and certificates

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