French manufacturer of medical devices

30 years of know-how in the Oxygen-therapy and Suction fields.


Devices used to adjust and measure the flow of a gas that is to be delivered to patients through the respiratory tract: flowmeters, pressure regulators, blender, humidifiers …


Devices used to measure and adjust the vacuum level within the context of medical suction: vacuum regulators, Venturi ejector, water manometer, collection jars …


Device used to hang medical devices or furniture: storage baskets, catheter baskets, shelves, drawer units …

100% made in France. Recognized reliability and quality.


  • AFIB 2018 - TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE welcomes you on its booth at AFIB 2018 fair in La Rochelle (France) from October 3rd to October 5th 2018.   TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE Booth 77, Area 1!
  • FRENCH HEALTHCARE brand - TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE carries the designation . Carried by the main french healthcare actors, the FRENCH HEALTHCARE brand intends to internationally promote French expertise and innovation in the field of health.


  • Documentation - Find all the TECHNOLOGIE MEDICALE’s catalogues and certificates

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