Flowmeters – DEBSON TM2

The DEBSON 2 flowmeter with pre-adjusted flows is used to set the flow of a gas that is to be delivered to patients through the respiratory tract. It should be connected to a source of pressured gas on the wall either using a direct probe or a rail mounting system. It must be fitted at its outlet either with a humidifier/nebulizer or with an outlet tubing nipple.

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Flowmeter with pre-adjusted flowrates: accurate and stable flowrates.

It can be used in any orientation for a perfect adaptation to the medical needs especially for emergency.

Flow control knob equipped with a ratchet mechanism avoiding accidental flowrate change.

Presence of a gas flow between two positions ensuring the gas supply for the patient even if the device is accidentally positioned between two settings.

Control knob with large wings facilitating the grip and including a twin display of the selected flowrate.

Control knob with a wide transparent window to be able to read the selected flowrate as well as the previous and the next ones.

Rotating direction: counterclockwise.

Supplied in standard with a Stop system preventing the medical staff from switching from 0 to the maximum flow and conversely.

FLUSH system in option to deliver a brief and immediate gas flow of 30 l/min for specific applications.

Double filtration: filters at the inlet and at the outlet for optimal safety of both the patient and the device.

Metal parts made of nickel–plated brass.

Unit serial number engraved on each flowmeter body ensuring its identification and its traceability.

Gases: O2, medical AIR

1 l/min, 5 l/min, 15 l/min, 25 l/min, 50 l/min

  • Single or twin version
  • With or without FLUSH system
  • With or without Stop system

Standards: AFNOR (French standard), BS (British standard), DIN (German standard), US OHMEDA (American standard), UNI (Italian standard), NORDIC (Scandinavian standard), CARBUROS METALICOS (Spanish standard), DISS (American standard), Czech standard, SANS/SABS (South African standard) and Korean/Japanese standard. Contact us for other standard.

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