BLENDER TM is a medical device used to provide a mix of O2 and medical AIR to the patient (FiO2). It is intended to adjust the concentration of Oxygen (from 21 to 100%) in medical AIR. It is provided with two outlets to connect a 5 l/min flowmeter and a 15 l/min or 30 l/min flowmeter. It is connected to sources of pressurised gas on the wall or to pressure regulators’ quick-release connectors using two hosepipes medical AIR and O2.

BLENDER TM is mainly intended for paediatric and neonatalogy low flow applications.

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Medical device of class IIb.

Inlet pressure: 4.5 bar ± 0.5 bar.

Weight: 1.25 kg.

Dimensions : H. 89 mm x W. 57 mm x D. 73 mm.

Anti-return gas inlet connectors: no unwanted exchange of gases possible in the network.

Device equipped with an audio alarm in case of pressure difference between O2 and medical AIR.

Alarm intensity: 80 db at a distance of 30 cm.

Maximum flow capacity: 30 l/min.

Mecanical system without electronics.

4 available mounting systems:

  • On the rail, on the wall or on a vertical pole through a specific clamp
  • On a trolley

Unit serial number is engraved on the body of each device.


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